About Estateya

Estateya - a market network for real estate investment syndication:

At Estateya, investors can learn about real estate investment and investment opportunities, create or join investment groups for syndicated investments, , find real estate tips and advice, communicate with fellow investors and real estate agents, learn about important developments in the real estate market, and share important news and experiences.

Visit our marketplace and browse investment properties:

Agents and developers can list and promote their investment properties in the Estateya marketplace, collaborate on joint or private ventures, and see who follows their properties.

Use our location based platform:

Estateya is designed so that it can sort recent posts and projects based on users who posted near you.

Take advantage of our powerful BI analysis and insights:

By analyzing, market yields and popular investment locations, we can provide information about investment trends, forecasts, and “what and where” investors are looking.

Get in on exclusive deal flow for joint ventures:

Crowdfunding made simple! Before we offer Estateya members the option to join on us on an investment, we first perform due diligence on the property, and discover the project’s deal structure and its expected ROI. We also hand pick the residential and/or commercial deals that we offer, so that you can be confident the investment is a wise one . Estateya’s goal is to help you diversify your portfolio via a low entry point and simple investment tools.

Why Estateya?

At Estateya, we're thinking about your financial future. Our mission is to make real estate investment open, accessible and comprehensible to all.

Here are just a few of the things our platform lets you do:

Gain access to real estate investment opportunities around the world.

Create property investment pages for public or private groups.

Compare assets returns by seller credibility, crowd rating, reviews and discussions.

Use Estateya onsite calculators to analyze a property’s ROI.

Join the Estateya community to network with experts and rate, share, and discuss properties.

Invest with Estateya crowdfunding; get exposed to a variety of joint deals and grow your portfolio with us.

Here are some of our users testimonials:

Nathan Kaminsky, Real Estate Agent

“Estateya has helped me grow my client list and connect with them on a personal level. I feel like it’s more than a real estate marketplace; it’s a community too”.

Miami, FL

Ben B, Real Estate Investor

“Estateya is one of the best tools to come along for the novice investor in a long time. Because of Estateya, I can now make informed investment decisions - something I never felt I could do before”.

Atlanta, GA

Join the Estateya Community:

We invite you to Join today and invest, simply!

~ In The Memory of Itamar Elkayam, Estateya Co Founder.