What is Estateya?

Estateya is both a real estate marketplace and community. We are where investors, novice and experienced alike, come to learn about real estate investment and investment opportunities, share experiences, tips and advice, communicate with fellow investors and real estate agents, and learn about important developments in real estate.

How Can Estateya Help Me Invest?

Estateya has a number of tools that you can take advantage of include an investment calculator, BI analytics, and a heat map that shows you what cities investors are looking at, and which cities bring the highest investment yields. We are also a forum for connecting with other people interested in real estate so you can communicate with our members and receive valuable hints, insights, and tips. And don’t forget our growing list of properties, of course!

Does it Cost to Join?

No. It is 100% FREE to join Estateya.

I am a real estate broker. Why should I list my properties on Estateya?

Estateya is growing rapidly with new investors visiting our site daily. If you want greater exposure for your properties, then list on Estateya. Don’t forget, our visitors are not limited to the US only. We have interested investors from all of the world that come to look at our site.

Who Uses Estateya?

Anyone can use Estateya. From novice investors, to slightly experienced investors, to highly experienced investors. And the same is true for real estate agents and brokers. New and established brokers list their sale properties, comment and respond on Estateya.

Do You List Properties All Around the World?

Yes. That’s one of the qualities that makes Estateya so special and unique. We are an international real estate marketplace. We have properties listed in the US, Canada, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Australia, the United Kingdom and more.

How Do I Use Estateya?

It’s simple. Just register for free and then browse our marketplace, comment in our feed, follow properties and/or agents or list your properties and respond to interested parties.

What Investment Tools Does Estateya Offer? How Do I Use Them?

Here are just a few of the investment tools you’ll find on a Estateya:

1. We have investment calculators built into every property listing on our site. The calculators help you measure the ROI for both rentals and flip properties.

2. You can follow real estate market trends with our business analytics tool to see which cities investors are looking at the most.

3. You can manage your profile to see who is looking at your pages and your properties.

4. We deliver rich content on our feed page and in our monthly newsletters that help you learn about real estate investment and what the market trends are.

5. Our easy search tool lets you search by content, location, yield, down payment, and price range.

6. We will soon be adding location-based ads that will allow our users to promote services to specific areas around the world.

How Do I Contact a Real Estate Agent or Another Investor?

Simply click on the property that interests you. When you do, you’ll be taken to a new page where you’ll see a ‘Contact the Seller’ box on the top right of the page. Type your message in the box provided and click the green ‘Send’ button. The agent will get back to you soon after.

Can Private Individuals List Property Too or Only Brokers?

Yes. Anyone can list their property on Estateya. In the future, we will also be adding different options for brokers and private individuals.